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International Relations

World Veterans Federation (WVF) is world veteran’s federation that was formed in the 1948. South Africa was the only country from Africa represented. It was during the liberation struggle years. Their first consultative assembly was held in 1950 with no representation from Africa and Asia. It was then called Federations of War Organization. Its second General Assembly (GA) was held in Belgrade Yugoslavia from 27-30 November 1950. In that GA the name was changed to World Veterans Federation (WVF) with its constitution adopted. Its membership has grown from 8 countries to 70 presently. It has now registered 170 Associations, covering all the continents of the world.

SANMVA inauguration conference (it was) resolved that SANMVA registers with the WVF and becomes the main organization that represents South Africa since it’s an umbrella organization where all the military veterans organizations are represented. SANMVA than became the main representatives for South Africa. (Any organisation of military veterans in a given country can join with a country’s vote being one).

The President of SCAA as per WVF constitution elected in a General Assembly. The present SCAA President /Chairman was elected in the 29th GA in Poland, he then appoints the chairpersons of the Regional working groups including the Chairperson of SCAA Standing Committee on Women 7 In this 15th meeting of the SCAA only a Vice- President and the Rapporteur are elected.