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The South African National Military Veterans Associations (SANMVA) is a

Statutory body and an umbrella body representing Military veterans as defined in terms of section 7 of South Africa Military Veterans Act 18 of 2011.

SANMVA obligation towards its constituency is to lobby the state to roll out the

Proposed services and benefits to Military veterans and their dependants in line with  the Act. We are an advocacy group for Military Veterans.

The vision of the association

“A United Military Veterans’ Community successfully integrated in South African society”.

The mission of the association

  1. To be a united and caring Association that represents the interests of military veterans including military veterans living with disabilities.
  2. To be a national Umbrella Association which unites military veterans’ organisations; whose members have experienced the sufferings of conflict and war, and whose forces fought side by side or faced each other in combat, and want to contribute to the maintenance of a democratic and united South Africa established in terms of and based on the principles of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, 1996.
  3. To advocate the spiritual, psychological, intellectual and material interests of military veterans and victims of war and their dependants by all available legal means;
  4. To affiliate to multinational, continental and international Organisations which assist in the aim of contributing to the establishment of a fully democratic, peaceful, just and free society based on the UN Charter and International Bill of Rights.
  5. To promote the full reintegration of military veterans and victims of war in their respective communities by providing appropriate rehabilitation and other relevant legislation and actions to overcome the physical and psycho-social consequences of armed conflict;
  6. To be a repository of knowledge, experience and professionalism of military veterans’ affairs for the benefit of all military veterans.

The motto of the association

“United We Serve With Pride”.